The word ‘Doula’ comes from the ancient Greek meaning ‘womens servant’. A Doula does exactly that- serves you and your needs during pregnancy, birth and in the early stages following delivery.

There are many clinical studies that have proven the effectiveness of having continuous support by a Doula.
These have concluded that the presence of a Doula during child birth tends to;

  • Result in shorter labours with fewer complications
  • Reduces negative feelings about childbirth
  • Reduces the need for pitocin (drug to induce labour), forceps, ventouse and caesarean section.
  • Reduces the need for pain medication and epidurals.

No. There is currently a shortage of midwives in the NHS and due to the resources being stretched there is no longer one to one medical care. Whilst a Doula has medical knowledge, experience and terminology associated with pregnancy and child birth, they are not permitted to deliver your baby or undertake internal examinations.

They do not replace midwives/consultants or the need for routine appointments and scans but can accompany you to these appointments and provide seamless support throughout pregnancy and birth.

A Doula will support individuals, couples or families throughout this journey. They will not replace a partner unless you wish them to do so and it is agreed by all involved.

Your partner may feel they need support or even a break to get refreshments during labour and they can leave knowing you have the continuous support of a Doula to act as your advocate when you may be tired or emotional.

In the event of an emergency Caesarean the hospital may stipulate only one birthing partner and this can be discussed when we write you birth plan.

Doula Uk provides preparation courses,  registration and advice on  insurance for Doulas. As well as a mentoring scheme that your Doula will need to complete, before being a ‘recognised’ doula. You can search the Doula Uk website to ensure your Doula is qualified. Divine Doulas have completed the preparation course and will have assigned mentors.

Yes. Divine Doulas will support and encourage you to draw upon any religious or spiritual beliefs that you or your family hold as these will be invaluable at this time.

Yes. Each pregnancy and labour is unique, a Doula can support in any aspect and enhance the knowledge and experience you already hold.

Yes. Whilst it is preferable to have as natural a birth as possible, a Doula is non judgemental and here to support you and your needs/wants.

I will attend your birth, in the event of unforeseen circumstances you will be offered a back up doula. Or I will refund any birth payment. ( See agreement on signing)

A Doula is independent and self employed and therefore does not receive a salary. At Divine Doulas I’m happy to discuss your payment method and unlike many other Doulas will be happy to take a deposit and monthly instalments if this is preferred. I accept cash, cheque and bank transfer.

I’m passionate about what I do and therefore want to help support as many women as possible, whatever your circumstances. Doula Uk has a fund for those on a low income and you may be eligible to apply.

Yes. I’m happy to discuss your needs and create a bespoke package tailored to you.

If you wish to have additional help either during pregnancy such as attending antenatal appointments or classes or post natally such as additional contact sessions, help with birth announcements or thank you cards, then please contact me for an informal chat and I can provide a quotation for any additional services.

I’m  always looking to develop my skills and therefore would be happy to discuss any additional needs you may have .

Yes. I offer the use of an extensive list of equipment and reading material for use/hire to support you throughout the pregnancy and birth. Please see our packages page for more information.