Kat, Josh and baby Beth


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Mollie …

I’m so happy we made the decision to hire Bryoni. I can’t thank her enough for all the support she gave to my partner and I. I’m sure that the reassurance I felt from her support had a huge and positive impact upon the way my labour progressed and that it played a significant role in my being able to achieve the home VBAC I wanted.


Annie ….

Bryoni was the final piece to the perfect second birth that I had so hoped for. From the start meeting with Bryoni I knew I had exactly the right person to have at my baby’s birth. From the moment labour started properly on the Friday evening Bryoni was here ready to assist in whatever way was needed. From back massage with each contraction, to helping sort things out for the journey to the hospital. We arrived at the midwife led unit in Ashford around 1.30 am, and Bryoni was wonderful helping me and my husband get to the delivery suit through some powerful contractions. It meant I had someone with me every step whilst Jules went in ahead to let them know etc. By 2.47 am my baby arrived after. I breathed him down with the wonder of hypnobirthing. Bryoni was there with encouragement and kind words by my head so my husband could watch the birth and rub my back. After baby arrived she was instrumental to helping with tea getting, baby holding, and helping me take a shower etc and just talking! I truly believe in the essential role of the doula, and couldn’t recommend Bryoni enough! Thank you for everything, and helping me get the birth I so wanted and needed second time around. 


Sarah ….

I honestly don’t remember who was holding my hand at which stage, but between Bryoni and my husband they seamlessly supported me through my birth so I was never on my own. My husband would not have been physically able to do everything on his own as the pool needed filling and its temperature maintained; I needed someone with me for each surge; I needed food and water; someone needed to hold the baby once he was born; but I also needed company during the third stage and when I was being examined afterwards.

Bryoni was also there for us before the birth – at the end of the phone for low moments and difficult days. She helped us think through the practicalities of our home birth and about positions and massages that could be helpful. She also understood and respected our birth preferences and hypnobirthing techniques.

I could not imagine having coped without our Doula. There were anxious moments before the midwives turned up which could have easily thrown us if we were on our own and Bryoni’s support gave us the confidence to pursue our dream of a homebirth. We will be forever grateful.


Will …( a dads perceptive)

I am in no doubt that with Bryoni as our Doula at our home, our birth was safer, calmer and more wonderful than it ever would have been anywhere else. And I am eternally grateful and humbled to and by her. Bryoni was exactly what we needed.



Bryoni was BRILLIANT. We had highs, lows and everything in between and Bryoni was there to support Ben and I (and our gorgeous daughter) throughout. We could’ve done it without her but it would’ve been a lot more stressful and we would’ve been a lot more clueless. She was a massive help before, during and after the labour/birth. Can’t recommend her enough



Bryoni made a HUGE difference to my experience of later pregnancy and birth. Having her support whilst planning my first home birth was so valuable, she made me feel comfortable in my decisions, and empowered to take steps to make sure that I got the birth I wanted it was better than I could have imagined and I give Divine Doulas a lot of the credit for that. Now whenever someone I know gets pregnant the first thing I say is “make sure you book a doula!”